Late To The Party


Ever been late to a party?  And I don’t mean some crazy Halloween party or even your own wedding. I’m talking about being late to discover a TV show, movie or band.  In this day an age of binge watching and a thousand different TV shows to watch, its almost expected that you’re going to miss something. There is only so much time in our days, right?

I’ve recently discovered The Leftovers, which aired on HBO and their 3rd and final season finished this past summer.  I’m part way through season 3 as I write this and its a fucking brilliant show.  It’s based on a book that came out in 2011 and while I am enjoying the show, doubtful that I will grab the book.  I’m picky that way.

I’ve also recently discovered Death Cab For Cutie and been listening to all their records lately. Yeah, I know that I’m really late to this specific party. Always known about them and that they have a decent following, just never consciously listened to their tracks. No real reason…well, that’s not true. I’m 41 and kinda set in my musical ways and its not easy to get me to try new things.

So check out The Leftovers and Death Cab For Cutie if you want to try a new show or music.  What about you?  What have you been late to the party for?