I’m a Movie Junkie. It’s True.

I love Netflix.  I am a movie junkie.  When I was younger I used to work for Rogers Video (to those not in Canada, it was the competitor to Blockbuster) because I just loved watching movies and would re-watch a number of them over and over.   With Netflix, that ability to re-watch movies repeatedly would, in theory, be easy.  But the problem is there are so many good shows and movies on Netlflix, you just want to move onto the next episode or movie.

But lately I have this craving to ignore the movies on Netflix that I haven’t seen yet and re-watch a few in my collection.  My wife doesn’t understand this.  I tried to get her to watch John Wick last weekend.  She refused but did ask how many times I’d seen it.  Seven.  Seven times since I bought it February 2015.  I think the movie is absolutely ridiculous fun.

So, here are the movies that are rattling around in my head to re-watch, in no particular order of desire:

Man of Steel.  Batman vs Superman.  The Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy.  Aliens. 3:10 To Yuma. The Dark Knight. The Matrix. 

I’ve never done drugs like heroin or cocaine or anything that I could ever have been addicted to.  My point is, I have never been a junkie with a craving.  But I can only assume the cravings I have for the above-titles are similar.

With respect to the Lethal Weapon movies, I blame by buddy Sammy.  On Twitter he tagged me with a song by Sting and Eric Clapton, “It was Probably Me” that was used in Lethal Weapon 3.  And its been a damn earworm ever since.  So I need to watch these movies soon so I can calm the cravings down!    In case you need a refresher on the song, which I will say is quite good and catchy as all hell, here you go: Listen to Me!

What movies are rattling around in your head that you have this incessant need to watch again?




I Want My DC Movies. Now!


dc-logoThe last couple of days have seen a lot of news items about Ben Affleck and his decision to drop out of directing The Batman. A lot of better articles have been written about what it means, what the future of DC movies looks like now and whether the world is going to explode. So I wont contribute to the “well, what does it mean?!?” conversation.

Instead, allow me to say: WHAT THE HELL, DC/WB?!?!?  FOR F*CK’S SAKES!

In the last 8-months, DC/WB movies have lost 3 directors from their DC-based properties. Almost 12-months ago, I sat and watched a TV special hosted by DC overlord Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith discussing the future slate of DC movies and what to expect. And then in March of 2016, they kicked it all off with Batman vs Superman.

Oh and I know, a lot of people thought it was a pant load but I didn’t mind it, espeically the much better Extended Cut.  I still think that there are a lot of issues with the movie but that’s neither here nor there.  Then Suicide Squad came out in August 2016 and I started to get slightly worried about what the hell was going on.

The Justice League movie was announced and once again, Zack Snyder was directing his 3rd DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movie, following Man of Steel and BvS. Again, we could go on about that decision but the reality is, the movie is coming out this November.  That’s a lot better than what is going on with The Flash movie, which has gone through 3 directors itself and is now in a page-1 re-write. You know what that means? It means that the entire script gets re-written but they keep the characters involved.  Well, that’s good to hear, since they’re all based on comic book characters!!

I know that Wonder Woman is coming out this June and that the Justice League is out in November.  And filming of Aquaman is about to start or has just commenced this week (the below pic was taken at the table-read with cast and director).  But I want a Flash movie. I want to see The Batman movie! I don’t want stupid delays and hold ups and shit like that.


And I whole heartedly put all the blame on Warner Bros. for just screwing around.  Marvel didn’t have these issues because they had a plan, they mapped it out and they make great fucking movies. Marvel movies are made by fans of the source materials.  So far, the driving force behind DC movies are the idiots wearing suits and drinking $20 coffee beverages with intricate names that belong in NASA handbooks.

Please, DC. Please WB…just take a breath and get The Flash going, get a director for The Batman and get rolling on that…just get going. Because Marvel has the next 10 years planned out and if its anything like the first 10 years, you’re in some deep shit just to be competitive.

Ok wait.

I hate to end this on an anti-DC feel because I’m a DC fanboy.  So here, take a look at the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League  trailers. You gotta admit…they look pretty badass.