Bond. James Bond.

007 Group

I love the James Bond movies. I could literally write thousands of words about why I love the movies, all 24 of them.  Before Spectre came out, I sat down and watched all 23-movies in a 4-week marathon.  I loved it, despite my wife’s outward disgust and shame.

A couple weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend and ask what his favourite Bond movie was. He said Octopussy only because he thought it was the best name in the series. For obvious reasons. See kids, even at 41 years of age, jokes about innuendo-ish names makes us giggle.  So of course I threw it on and enjoyed every minute of it.

I had watched a few Bond movies growing up with my Dad.  He wasn’t an overly big fan of Bond, but liked the movies if/when they came on TV.  I remember watching Licence to Kill the most only because it was on the movie network and my dad recorded it (yes, on VHS) for me.  Looking back at it, I wouldn’t say its my favourite Bond movie, but it was the one that I watched the most.

In my late teens, while working at a video store, I decided to watch all the Bond movies that were available (up to that point, the last movie available was, it turns out, Licence to Kill).   I had no idea in what order the moves were released and had to rely on a movie guide book to point me in the right direction.

After that, I have watched every subsequent Bond movie in theatres, starting with Goldeneye in 1995. There is just something mesmerizing about these movies that catches me on so many levels. Sure, a lot of it is crazy and if they were to be stand-alone movies, not held to the universe that is James Bond, most of these movies would be ridiculous. But because they actually do include the character of James Bond, that elevates these movies considerably. Listen, that last sentence makes as much sense as Moonraker, but hey…that’s just the way it is, right?

007 LogoI have been considering introducing my son to the world of James Bond and have had difficulty wondering a) if I should and b) which movie to start him off with. Because, if I show him the movies in chronological order, he may be bored with how dated some of the movies look. But he’s too young for the recent Daniel Craig-era movies as they’re too violent for an 8.5 year old.

So maybe I need to start with the Pierce Brosnan films?  Or maybe the Roger Moore ones…only because Moore played Bond with a bit of silliness, more so than his predecessors (yes, plural. Everyone forgets George Lazenby).  Funny enough, the weight of this decision is based on how he will answer the following question as he grows older:

Who is your James Bond?

And that’s a pretty serious question because there have been six actors to portray 007 and they’ve each brought something so amazing to the role. Yes, even Timothy Dalton, you haters!  In all honesty, its a pretty stressful question because the answer you give informs others of just the type of person you are.

As for me?  I used to think Connery was my Bond but then after watching all the movies a couple years back, I’m not so sure. And to be honest, I haven’t made my decision yet. We’ll talk about it another time. But now? Maybe its time I bring the Bond 50th Blu Ray set down and crack it open yet again, and introduce my son to the amazing world of 007.


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