How Do You Read Your Comics?

Speed Reading 3

I have an odd question for you: How do you read your comics?  To clarify, I don’t mean whether you read them digitally vs. physical copy – although, that does interest me in some way as well.  To better understand the question, let me describe how I read mine:

When its New Comic Book Day and I get my books from my local shop, I take them home and usually blow through them in an evening.  If I am getting four books a week, then I am reading them in one evening, in about 45 mins or less.

I was thinking about this over the weekend…I really just speed read right through each issue and then slide the book back into the its board and bag. Its weird.  I honestly can’t remember a time on a first reading where I just sat and marveled at the art and words and took my time to absorb it all.  As it is, I take the book, flip to the first page and then I’m off plowing through until the last page, barely digesting it before getting the next book out and doing the same thing.

On some occasions I will re-read the book later that day or in the following days.   But for the most part, after I’ve broken the speed barrier reading, after the book is back in its bag, I tape the back flap and slide it into the box and close the lid.

For those wondering, yes I keep my books in alphabetical/numerical order.  To do otherwise is the pure definition of chaos!

Speed Reading 2

I listen to podcasts or friends talking about certain issues of a certain book and their recall on them is outstanding.  I sometimes remember things that happened in a given book if I’ve read it a few times. But because, for the most part, I just hammer through quickly, unless something interesting sticks out, all I can recall is whether, overall, it was a good issue or not.  To expand on why or why not a book is a good issue would be difficult for me to articulate after a single reading.

Upon reflection, I find that incredibly odd.

I mean, I can watch a movie once and quote lines from it if I really enjoyed it.  And can recall detail from that film for months afterwards, if not more.  But with a movie, you are in your seat for the duration of the film.  With a comic book, you can either slowly take it all in or consume it like you haven’t eaten in days.

Speed Reading 1I have also taken the time to go back when a story arch is done and re-read all the issues from that arch.  But again, that’s infrequent and I may only be mentioning it to make myself feel better.  The reality is, I love comic books and I have really enjoyed collecting them again and I do enjoy the stories and art…but maybe i’m just not giving them the due respect they deserve?

I tell my son every bloody day to slow down when he’s eating. Maybe I should take my own advice when it comes to reading my weekly issues?

What say you?  How do you read your comics?