Read This: 100 Bullets 

100 Bullets

Comic books don’t always have to be about super powered beings or vigilantes in capes and cowls. There are many comics that have non-super powered protagonists and antagonists – which is a fancy way of saying good guys and bad guys.

I think comics get a bad rap for the most part because people automatically assume if you’re reading a comic, it’s about a dude with a cape and/or mask.  And while they may be right in some cases, that closed-minded thinking robs them of the understanding that great stories can be told in comic book format that don’t include typical heroes in tights.

I bring this up because I’m in the middle of reading 100 Bullets and I think it’s something that you should be reading too, if you’re into crime stories that have that old school 40’s noir crime feeling.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I was absent from comic reading for a good number of years and while I had heard about 100 Bullets, I really had no idea of the concept of it. And as ridiculous as this sounds…I didn’t really get educated until this past summer when actress Leslie Jones tweeted about it, in response to being on the receiving end of some horrendous Twitter abuse.  And because she mentioned it, the story gained steam and the book was discussed in a number of websites that I visit.  And as crazy stupid as that story about how I found 100 Bullets sound…it doesn’t really matter how you found a good comic, its just that you did, right?

100 Bullets Book 1So here’s the (quick) premise of 100 Bullets:  Imagine if your life took a shitty turn or you were the victim of some horrible crime.  What would you do if a stranger gave you a briefcase with information that led you back to the person/people responsible for that change in your life…and in that briefcase? There are 100 bullets for you to use to exact your revenge. Oh, and those bullets?  If found at the crime scene, all investigation stops by any and all police forces.  Essentially, you have immunity.

How amazing does that sound?  Of course, the plot and the characters and the interwoven stories have much more depth to them than what I am describing, but that basic premise had me hooked and I wanted in!   There are secret societies and crime families and crazy violence and pure ruckus and…yeah, you have to read it to really appreciate and understand why I love this book so much.

I asked my wife for the 1st Volume for Christmas and was fortunate enough to get it. Since then, I have purchased Volumes 2 & 3.  Full disclosure: She isn’t aware of said purchases and I while I may be taking a chance publishing that piece of info on this site, the odds of her actually reading this far into a post about comic books is slim to nil.

100 Bullets is not for kids. I’m just saying.  But as a 40-year old comic fan, I like my superhero books but I am also discovering some really good, heavy graphic novels and its really expanding my love of comics.

100 Bullets ran from 1999-2009 and consisted of 100 issues. They have been collected in 5 Collected Editions and I highly recommend that you seek them out at your local comic shop.


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