I’m a movie fan.  I’m a comic book fan. This has been well established on this site so its no surprise that I went and saw Logan on opening weekend.  When I got back to work on Monday, everyone was asking whether I had seen the movie and, if so, my thoughts.

I’m not a film critic, dear readers.  And the reality is, my opinion isn’t really going to sway your decision to either see it or not. You’ve likely made up your mind by the time you’re reading this.   As I’ve said previously, when you’re a parent of two kids, its hard to get out to the movies as often as you did when you had no kids.  And when you do go, you want to make sure its worth the money you’re gonna spend.

So, from that perspective –  Logan is worth the coin you’re going to drop on the ticket(s) and popcorn. It’s a great, fun, amazing movie.  I’ll comment later on the fact that I like ‘R’-rated comic movies…and make no mistake, Logan hits the ‘R’ rating HARD. But for this moment, for this movie, Logan is worth the time and money.  Go see it.  Logan 1


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