The Walking Dead is Dead Boring.


When The Walking Dead premiered six years ago, I was hooked.  The first season, all six episodes, were unbelievable. This was appointment viewing and I was really excited for the second season.

And then season 2 hit and  while it lost some of that momentum, I held on.  I had hope. But then, during season 2 it became  “Oh, you’re spending 90% of the season on a farm?!?!  Mmmmkay. I’ll give it to you. I’ll trust you. But this…this isn’t as good as season 1.”

I could break down the subsequent seasons but what’s the point?  None of the seasons lived up to the promise of the first season. I’ve heard so many people just go bananas for this show. And I’ve gotten caught up in the hype at times.  But I’ve always been let down. Every. Single. Time.

So I’ll just say it: The Walking Dead is boring.

Every year, the cast and creators give interviews about how amazing the upcoming season is over the previous one.  And then when the show goes on its winter break, the cast and creators hype the show up for its spring return touting how great the 2nd half of the season is and why the 1st half didn’t really work. Now, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe it just feels like that’s what happens. But I’ve given my time to this show and never really get any payoff that makes it worth the time I’ve invested.

The truth is, I’m a married guy with two young kids.  My free time is precious and exceptionally limited.  TV shows have to deliver for me on a consistent basis, otherwise I will cut them out and replace with the million other things I have going on, be it other shows, movies, gaming or reading.

And that’s where I am with The Walking Dead. I saw the start of this 7th season, where Glen made out with a baseball bat. And I think I watched the 2nd episode of the season and that was it.  The show is not, for me, delivering on how great it could be.  Its too slow. It doesn’t have to be action for the full 60-mins but there needs to be some speed and pace and there’s nothing.

So I’ve moved on from the show and I don’t miss it for a second.  The Walking Dead is, well, dead to me.  How about you?  Still a fan?  Am I just missing something?  Let me know.


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