Lethal Weapon

lethal_weapon1Last week I wrote about a number of movies that were bouncing around inside my head that I needed to watch (I’m a Movie Junkie. It’s True) and last Friday night I watched Lethal Weapon.  Again.  For some uncountable time…maybe 50-something times.  Or more.  who knows.

Regardless, I watched it and I loved every minute of it.  I love the Lethal Weapon movies.  In fact, all four of them are just really, really good movies.   Its hard to find a movie where all the sequels hold up.  And while they’re not as good as the original, I think a case can be made that Lethal Weapon 2 is right on par or just under.  3 and 4 were more comedic and yes still a lot of fun action involved.

Every time I think of Lethal Weapon 2, all I can think about is “Diplomatic Immunity!”.  Fuck I love that line.  I often wonder if, when my kids are able to watch these movies, they will find the pure joy in them that I have or will they think they’re too dated and old and crappy?

There is something so pleasurable about seeing a good, hard action movie that doesn’t involve tonnes of special effects and computer wizardry.  That’s likely why I love the Lethal Weapon series.  You don’t need to be The Matrix all the time.  You don’t need green-screen, computer graphic-based action movies to be good. In fact, most times those movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars and suck ass.  Just give me a good action movie with fun and guns and fighting and you’ve got my money. Take it!

But again, maybe this is all because I grew up in the 80’s and find the quality of these flicks to hold up better than modern action movies. I dunno.  What say you?

Oh, and I know there is now a Lethal Weapon TV series.  I’ve begrudgingly watched the first few episodes and I’ll discuss that later in another post.  Suffice it to say, though…go watch the movies instead.



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