John Wick 2? Yes, Please!


John Wick was one of those movies that looked cool in the trailers but then came and went in the theatre before you could get a chance to see it.  I really wanted to watch it when it came out in October 2014 but just never got around to it.  So when it dropped on Blu Ray/DVD in February 2015, I rushed to grab it as a ‘blind buy’.

I love this movie.  I seriously love this movie.  Oh, it has its flaws. The plot is pretty basic.  Guy’s wife dies.  She gives him a dog to remember her by.  He gets robbed of his car and the thieves kill his dog.  The thieves are Russian gangster punks.  The guy who was robbed and lost his dog is a former contract killer who, supposedly, terrifies the Boogey Man.   That’s John Wick.  And John Wick gets his revenge.

Let’s be real – it ain’t rocket science and it’s not winning an Oscar. But fuck, who needs it??  John Wick is pure ruckus!  Its so much fun, it crazy. So when word came that a sequel was being made?  I was beside myself with so much joy and excitement, my wife considered having me committed.  I think its hard to find movies nowadays that are just pure fun; movies that you can watch over and over again and not get bored.  John Wick is that movie.

So John Wick 2 opens today and yes, I have my tickets to see it tonight.  I cant wait.  I am giddy with anticipation.  Also, its a night out from my wife and kids.  All that plus some John Wick ruckus?  I am a king among men tonight.  For 90-minutes, anyway.


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