I’m a Movie Junkie. It’s True.

I love Netflix.  I am a movie junkie.  When I was younger I used to work for Rogers Video (to those not in Canada, it was the competitor to Blockbuster) because I just loved watching movies and would re-watch a number of them over and over.   With Netflix, that ability to re-watch movies repeatedly would, in theory, be easy.  But the problem is there are so many good shows and movies on Netlflix, you just want to move onto the next episode or movie.

But lately I have this craving to ignore the movies on Netflix that I haven’t seen yet and re-watch a few in my collection.  My wife doesn’t understand this.  I tried to get her to watch John Wick last weekend.  She refused but did ask how many times I’d seen it.  Seven.  Seven times since I bought it February 2015.  I think the movie is absolutely ridiculous fun.

So, here are the movies that are rattling around in my head to re-watch, in no particular order of desire:

Man of Steel.  Batman vs Superman.  The Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy.  Aliens. 3:10 To Yuma. The Dark Knight. The Matrix. 

I’ve never done drugs like heroin or cocaine or anything that I could ever have been addicted to.  My point is, I have never been a junkie with a craving.  But I can only assume the cravings I have for the above-titles are similar.

With respect to the Lethal Weapon movies, I blame by buddy Sammy.  On Twitter he tagged me with a song by Sting and Eric Clapton, “It was Probably Me” that was used in Lethal Weapon 3.  And its been a damn earworm ever since.  So I need to watch these movies soon so I can calm the cravings down!    In case you need a refresher on the song, which I will say is quite good and catchy as all hell, here you go: Listen to Me!

What movies are rattling around in your head that you have this incessant need to watch again?




2 thoughts on “I’m a Movie Junkie. It’s True.

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