Welcome to Growing Up Forty.

This blog’s original intention was to express my dismay at turning 40. But then I turned 40 and I thought “well, this isn’t so bad”. So on the shelf it stayed.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the things that I like to do – watch movies. Read comics. Play video games. Watch TV.  And while two of those on the list are done by most people, I get quite a few comments about the other two (comics and gaming, if you weren’t sure) and their relation to my age.

But why?  I love comics. I love playing video games.  Both of which, I will say, I’ve gotten back into within the past couple of years.  And I’m loving that part of my life again, which had been missing for a number of years due to marriage and two small kids.

Now, I’m still married and the kids are still small…but not as small.  So I have the time to read and game and watch Netflix and I want to talk about it.  And hopefully you do too.  Just because I, and maybe you, are 40-ish, doesn’t mean we cant enjoy the things we did when we were younger, right?

There will be other posts on here…especially what its like to do these things while being a parent with two young kids.  But I hope you keep coming back and most of all, have fun. And comment.  And share the blog.

Thanks for reading!



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